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Creatine is a substance found naturally in muscle cells. It helps your muscles produce energy during heavy lifting or high intensity training.

About 95% of the body’s creatine is stored in the Muscles, mainly in the form of phosphocreatine. The other 5% is found in the brain.

Creatine supplement will increase your storage of phosphocreatine. It helps your body produce more of a high energy molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). When you have more ATP, your body can perform better during exercise.

Creatine also helps you gain muscle in the following ways:

  • Boosted workload: It enables more total work or volume in a single training session.
  • Improved cell signaling: It can increase satellite cell signaling, which aids muscle repair and new muscle growth.
  • Raised anabolic hormones: Studies note a rise in hormones, such as IGF-1, after taking creatine.
  • Increased cell hydration: Creatine lifts water content within your muscle cells, which causes a cell volumization effect that may play a role in muscle growth.
  • Reduced protein breakdown : Creatine may increase total muscle mass by reducing muscle breakdown.
  • Lower myostatin levels: Elevated levels of the protein myostatin can slow or inhibit new muscle growth. Supplementing with creatine can reduce myostatin levels, increasing growth potential.

CreaForte creatine is micronized and 100% pure creatine monohydrate.

Nutritional information: 5 gr / 100 gr

Energy 82,80 kJ / 19,80 Kcal / 1656,07 kJ / 396,00 Kcal
Fat 0.00 gr / 0.00 gr
Saturated Fatty 0.00 gr / 0.00 gr
Carbohydrates 0.00 gr / 0.00 gr
Sugars 0.00 gr / 0.00 gr
Fibre 0.00 gr / 0.00 g r
Protein 4.95 gr / 99.00 gr
Salt 0.00 gr / 0.00 gr

Ingredients: Creatine Monohydrate

Article number: 135101
Size: 500 gr

Flavor: Natural

Servings: 100

Recommended dosage: In addition to your daily diet, take 1 to a maximum 5 servings (5 grams) per day.

Mix 5 grams (1 scoop) with approximately 200 ml of water.

Recommended Price: 329 sek

Food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy
lifestyle. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of young children.

Produced in a facility that also processes gluten, fish, egg and crustaceans